1. Let’s talk about Triangular Arbitrage.

The Triangular Arbitrage, is the better strategy to you buy and sell the your coins in differents pair, in the same exchange.
The Gimmer will go sell your coin and buy the same coin in other quote to have more profits. You have to hold 550 GMR to gain access to this feature.

  • 1. Exchange - In the Exchange selection combo box: Select the exchange where you want to perform the triangulation.

    2. Choose API Key - In the API selection combo box: Choose one of the registered APIs for the previously selected Exchange where it will be performed to perform the triangulation operations.

    3. Reference Price - In the combo Reference Price: Gets the Quotes of the selected exchange to obtain the reference price between triangulation.

    4. Minimal Profit - In Minimal Profit (%): You enter the minimum percentage of desired profit already discounted at the exchange rate of the exchange.

    You select the Reference Quotes for arbitration.
    And the Bases for triangulation.

    • You need to have balance in the selected Quotes for example BTC / ETH / USDT.
    • Most exchanges require a minimum value of US $ 20.00 per order to be executed in the transaction.

    • The Bot does a check by selected base, so for best performance we suggest creating a BOT by Base selected.
    • For each base you get the equivalent price according to the reference price, if you selected for example USDT.
      Then it will convert all the values ​​into USDT as the example below and identifies where is the Pair with the best option and the best option to sell:
      • ADA/BTC = 0.00001128 => 0.04217 USDT Buy
      • ADA/ETH = 0.00028275 = 0.04226 USDT
      • ADA/USDT = 0.04232 = 004232 USDT Sell

    After making the settings, save them. Click the link, and then click .
    Good Profits.