1. Let’s talk about Safeties.

Every good strategy is just a strategy if you do not think about protecting your capital.
To help you protect your capital, Gimmer has made SAFETIES available.
Click on the SAFETIES tab and you will see that there are 2 ways to manage risk.

2. Preserve Profits

Preserve Profits works as follows. In the Minimal preserve field, you define how much of your capital you want to preserve at the moment START WHEN GAINS is reached.
So, if you put:
  • Preserve Profit: 80
  • Start When Gains: 10
The Gimmer will protect 80% of the equity after your bot has reached a 10% gain.

3. Stop Loss

Stop Loss is simple and objective. If your bot makes a purchase and the market goes against its position, the bot automatically closes the operation when it reaches the percentage you have set for WHEN LOSS.

Knowing these features, in either an aggressive or conservative strategy, always try to use the available features to protect your capital as best as possible.