Now let's test our strategy and run a Backtest.

How important is it to run a Backtest?

- Running a backtest is of utmost importance. Do not try to define a strategy or apply it to a bot without first testing it and making sure it is able to show satisfactory results. The Backtest, when started, checks all the settings you have set in all TABS: Configuration, Indicators, and Safeties. It then analyzes the time period that you have entered and searches through the history of the chosen exchange, showing a Graph that has simulated what would happen during that period with your settings.

Something very important to note is that even though the bot might show a large gain in the backtest, it does not always mean that the same will happen under future conditions. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and there is a chance that the value of crypto will swing a lot either up or down. But a strategy showing great results after a backtest makes your bot much more reliable in the future as it has proven to perform well in the past. If you would like to test future conditions in real-time without spending your capital you can run simulation mode. After you have followed these instructions and want to run a backtest, click the green PLAY button.

After following all the tips so far, to run the backtest, click the green PLAY button.

Analyzing Backtest Results

Looking at the image below, on the right side we have the following results:
  • Shows which PAIR you have selected in the CONFIGURATION tab.
  • Indicates how many Win and Lose trades the bot performed.
  • Shows what percentage you would have gotten if you were just holding your crypto.
  • Shows the percentage gain/loss that the Gimmer bot got when trading.
  • Indicates how many days the Backtest ran for.
  • Indicates the starting balance before the Backtest.
  • Indicates the current value of your balance after the Backtest
  • Shows how much profit or loss the bot made after running the Backtest.

At the bottom of the Gimmer screen, you will see your Backtest History.
It shows the history of all the backtests you have done for this bot. To apply the settings of a previous backtest to the bot, just click Apply Settings.