1. Back up your account.

Before you begin to create any Gimmer strategy, backup your account as a security measure.

Gimmer is a decentralized platform, therefore all sensitive information is kept on the users own computer.

It's extremely important to make a backup of your account. With the Keystore file or Private Key, you will be able to access Gimmer from other computers or retrieve your account and GMRs in case you forget your password.

Before you begin using the platform, click on

Select the Private Key option, insert your Gimmer password, click on the and your private key will be shown on the screen. Save it in a safe place.

To backup by creating a Keystore file, the process is basically the same. Select the Keystore option, insert your Gimmer password and click on the In this moment, a window will open asking you to select a place to save your Json file.

Off you go! Backup of your account is now complete.

2. Recover Account

To recover your account, click on the button.

Choose how you prefer to recover your account, the options are:

a. Private Key

Click on . Insert your Private Key, write a name for your account and type your password.

b. Keystore File

Click on . Look for your JSON file, click on UPLOAD JSON File, and a window will open where you need to select your file. Insert your password and a name for your account.

As soon as you have finished the account recovery, you're automatically redirected to your Gimmer Dashboard.