Welcome to Gimmer, a decentralized Automated Trading platform.

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For the next steps, you need to have a Gimmer account and be logged in to the platform.

Before we begin, it is very important that you have made a backup of your account..

Follow these 5 steps and you will have your first strategy running on your account.

1. Add an exchange. It is essential to have an exchange API added to Gimmer so that the Bot communicates and has access to the capital in order to carry out trades on the exchange via the API.

2. Buy your tokens, so that the bot works without limits. You currently need to have at least 250 GMR tokens on the platform.

3. Create your strategy, configure your bot (but if you prefer, we have a default configuration).

4. Backtest your strategy, as often as necessary until you have the settings that you are satisfied with. Do this to protect yourself even more and manage your risk.

5. Live bot, that's right, by following these 5 steps, you will already have your strategy set up for your bot to run strategies live.