1. Let’s talk about Lending.

This feature will allow the user to create a bot, which will monitor the lending market and offer loans on the currencies with the best returns.
As users are not able to withdraw the borrowed funds - provided by the Lending bots - to another wallet, Lending bots are considered as one of the safest strategies in one’s portfolio.
You have to hold 350 GMR to gain access to this feature.

  • 1. Exchange - Select your exchange
    2. Choose API key - Select your API Key from the list and start the connection with the exchange to be used on this strategy.

    1. Enable - Enable the coin to lending
    2. Auto Mode - Enable the standard configs to running the strategy
    4. Withdraw Reserves (Percent) - Reserve a amount to withdraw
    5. Max Offer Duration - Maximum duration time of the Offer
    6. Min Offer Amount - Minimum duration time of the Offe
    7. Max Loan Duration (Days) - Max duration time of Loan
    8. Min Offer Rate - Minimum offer daily rate
    9. Max Offer Rate - Maximum offer daily rate
    10. Best Rate - Best Rate
    11. Best Rate Reserve (Percent) - Reserves to take the best Rate

    After making the settings, save them. Click the link, and then click .
    Good Profits.