1. Let’s talk about Exchange Trade.

Exchange Bot is the simplest way to use Gimmer strategies.
With the Exchange Bot, Gimmer buys and sells its currencies, basing itself entirely on the indicator strategy you create.
Use this bot, if you have a medium investor profile, that is, you even accept to take some risks but have the concern not to leverage.
There are two versions of the Trade bots: one that is offered for free and one that has a “hold price” of 250 GMR - you need to hold 250 GMR to gain access to the bots.
While the free version has an account limit of $100, the “hold-to-use” version has no limits.

  • 1. Trade mode - The type of trading to execute; either Exchange.
    2. Order type Mode - How the strategy should open and close positions; either Market (Current Price) or Limit (Defined price).
    3. Exchange - The Exchange in which this strategy should trade on.
    4. Base - The base currency represents how much of the quote currency is needed for you to get one unit of the base.
    5. Quote - The quotation of the base currency.
    6. Period - This is most known as Chart Timeframe, this means, on which timeframe you would like this strategy to run with.

    1. Choose API Key - Select your API Key from the list and start the connection with the exchange to be used on this strategy.

    After making the settings, save them. Click the link, and then click .
    Gimmer will begin balancing your portfolio based on the settings and currencies you have selected.
    Good Profits.