Let's now configure your Bot to run live. To begin you need to have a strategy already created. With the strategy open, click on .

Now, click on .

Under the tab , select the exchange that you have funds on it will be with these funds that the BOT will run its operations. If you have not yet added an exchange click here.

Under the tab you select the API key that you have added for the exchange.

And to finish this part of the configuration, let's define the amount of value that the bot should use in its operations. Under the tab , you choose the option you want to allocate your funds to. You can set the allocation of your funds in percentage or fixed amount.

The difference between both is that with the percentage option, as soon as the bot enters and exits an operation, your funds will have changed values based on a percentage of the amount, then the next time the bot will pick up the percentage relative to that updated value.

If you choose a fixed amount, regardless of winnings or losses, your bot will always use that stipulated value, of course, under the condition that this value is available in your exchange account.

Now, with the settings ready, turn off the ,

click on

then click

Congratulations, your bot is now running the strategy live.