1. How it works and what is a Sentiment Bar exactly?

The Sentiment Bar, is like a visual thermometer, which shows you in real time how the indicators are working.

When we create a strategy with only 1 indicator, this same indicator, will serve both buy and sell.

In order for the bot to perform a buy, it is necessary that the chosen indicator passes a buy signal to the bot, at this point, the sentiment bar must be all the way in the Buy area with the Sentiment Bar indicating 100%.

2. What if I have a strategy with 2 or more indicators.

If you've created a strategy with 2 or more indicators all will appear in the Sentimen Bar. In this case the bot will only make a purchase when all the indicators are in the BUY area and the Sentiment Bar indicates 100%.

The same happens with a sale, either with 1 indicator or with several indicators, the sale will only happen when all are in the SELL area with the Sentiment Bar indicating 100%