Purchase Tokens

Purchasing your GMR Tokens.

Gimmer provides a Free Bot so that you can create your strategy, however you must have between $25 and $100 your chosen exchange according to the QUOTE you chose in your strategy's settings.

In order not to have any limitations on your bot, you must have at least 250 GMR tokens on the platform. To purchase tokens, click here, choose your desired Exchange and buy your GMRs.

Sending your Tokens to Gimmer.

Now that you own your GMRs, lets send them to your wallet on the Gimmer platform.

Inside Gimmer, go to , where you will find the address of your wallet, which is where you want to send your GMRs to.

Now that you have the wallet address, you can go to your Exchange account and send your GMR tokens to your Gimmer wallet address.

In the Gimmer platform under , you will be able to see the amount of GMR tokens in your account wallet. You can see the total amount of GMRs in your account wallet (BALANCE) and the amount of GMRs that you are currently using for your bots (IN USE).