1. Let’s talk about Scalper.

Scalper bots utilize a day trading strategy with the purpose of profit with short, fast and sequential orders during day trading sessions.
If you have "Safe Mode" active, it will use RSI indicator plus your entry target parameters to determine the best moment to enter on a position.
If your "Safe Mode" have been disabled, only your entry target will be used as a parameter, this means, if your target is 1%, once the market falls under this target it will buy and make profit on the market recovery.
You have to hold 300 GMR to gain access to this feature.

The Scalper bot is the best strategy to scalper trader. The entry and out is fast.

  • 1. Exchange - Select your exchange
    2. Base - The base currency represent how much of the quote currency is needed for you to get one unit of the base.
    3. Quote - The quotation of the base currency
    4. Period - This is most known as Chart Timeframe, this means, on which timeframe you would like this strategy to run with
    5. Safe Mode - In safe mode, your strategy will be using an indicator (RSI) to make safer entries and exits from each position.
    6. Trading Frequency - This option will determine the frequency of orders (Buys/Sells). By default it is set as Medium Frequency.
    6. Entry Percent (%) - How much % of a market fall do you want to entry a buy order?
    7. Target Profit (%) - How much % is your target profit?
    8. Stop Loss (%) - In case of a fall on the selected market, how much percent your are whilling to lose and trigger an Emergency Close order?

    1. Choose API key - Select your API Key from the list and start the connection with the exchange to be used on this strategy.

    After making the settings, save them. Click the link, and then click .
    Good Profits.