1. Let’s talk about Portfolio.

The Portfolio is exclusively for Bot to balance its currencies. Now Gimmer can also manage and balance your coins according to the percentage you set.

This service combines multiple bot strategies into a single portfolio strategy.
You have to hold 450 GMR to gain access to this feature.

  • 1. Exchange - Select your exchange
    2. Choose API Key - Select your key api
    3. Profit Gain Percent Rebalance - From how much Profit Gain the Gimmer should rebalance its currencies
    4. Profit Loss Percent Rebalance - From how much Profit Loss the Gimmer should rebalance your currencies

  • you have to choose which coins the Gimmer will balance. Activate the currency and set the percentage that will be allocated to it.

    It is important that the sum of all currencies is not greater than 100%.

    After making the settings, save them. Click the link, and then click .
    Good Profits.